Jonathan is moving to Los Angeles, and he's taking you on this new adventure with him. He's talking about life, video games, sports, robots, robots who play sports, performance enhancing underwear and pretty much anything that comes to his mind. Anything goes on Run The Light!

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Episode 1

Jonathan announces his new podcast and other exciting news! Whoooommm!

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Episode 2

On this episode of Run The Light, I talked to my buddy Will about giving up pork, visiting our families during the holidays, making change at the strip club, if cows are evolved versions of bison, and what seat on the airplane we prefer.


Episode 3

On this episode, I talk to Sohrab about DJ Khaled's keys to the kingdom, how this podcast should be about "To Catch a Predator" I drop a lot of knowledge about the Chronicles of Narnia, oh and we might start a boy band group.

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Originally from Atlanta, Jonathan Giles officially started comedy in Chicago. After his first year in the industry he was invited to the San Francisco SketchFest, named a finalist in the Jack Rollins Talent Breakthrough Competition at the Cabo Comedy Festival and recently was selected to participate in the Clean Comedy Challenge in Pasadena.

Giles produces The Love Below Storytelling Show and hosts a monthly stand-up showcase at The Revival Theater in Chicago, He's also written POV, a political satire show at iO Chicago. 

He's appeared across the country at well-known clubs such as the  Laugh Factory, Zanies, Laughing Skull, Punchline and the Ice House Comedy Club. Giles performances not only include clubs, but also charity events and colleges across the US, Mexico and Canada.

Giles looks to connect with and inspire everyone through the gift of laughter. Also, he enjoys cooking with his specialty being grilled cheese sandwiches and gives a mean bear hug.