Sketch and Stand-Up


The Heist (2:36)

WRITTEN BY Jonathan Giles

A gang member finds out after time served, a few things have changed.

Missed Connection (1:37)


A lady finds out that her dating app doesn’t come with a happy ending.

Swipe White (1:32)

WRITTEN BY Jonathan Giles

Find yourself in a possibly awkward racist situation? Well boy, do we have an app for you. 

The Wedding (3:20)

WRITTEN BY Jonathan Giles

Two friends attend the wedding of an ex. What could go wrong?

A Woman’s Voice (1:35)

WRITTEN BY Jonathan Giles

After a tragic accident, a husband leaves his wife one final gift.

The Move (3:57)

WRITTEN BY Jonathan Giles

A young couple moves in together for the first time and its more than they bargained more.

Live at Nerdmelt - Uncensored (5:32)

April 2018

This one of the last shows at Nerdmelt in Hollywood, CA. Unfortunately, a roach decided to crash my set...


I’M TRYING | Comedy Special Promo (1:00)

April 2018

Jonathan’s first half hour comedy special premieres soon!